The Latin America CAPE team recently met with Ambassadors and representatives from the Group of Latin America and the Caribbean (GRULAC) in New Zealand to discuss our 2019 Planned Projects.

The Ambassadors were very interested in the breadth of activities we have planned to achieve our objectives and in the innovative ways we are increasing awareness about their region. The impact of our initiatives aimed at increasing New Zealanders’ capabilities to engage with Latin America was also of great interest to them. We will continue to work closely with their embassies on the projects that relate to each of the countries they represent: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru.

Spanish speakers can read the Embassy of Chile’s report on the meeting here.


In the same week, our Director introduced our CAPE to the ‘GRULA’ Latin American Ambassadors in Canberra who are accredited or concurrent to New Zealand. His briefing there was hosted by the Ambassador of Guatemala and attended by the Ambassadors of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Uruguay. We followed this dialogue up with a further meeting with the Colombian Ambassador and his Consul-General in Auckland, and we thank all these Ambassadors  across the Tasman for their attention to how we are putting Latin America on more Kiwis’ mental maps.

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