The Latin America CAPE is working with renowned Brazilian film director David Schurmann to tell the stories of extraordinary New Zealanders in Brazil. The five-episode documentary series showcases seven Kiwis whose lives were transformed by their experiences in Brazil, and how they in turn are transforming the country. David recently visited New Zealand to film the final part of the series, which will premiere at New Zealand's Latin America and Spain Film Festival in September.

Schurmann Filmes2.jpg

David has directed, produced and received a number of awards for his documentaries and fictional films. His first film, O Mundo em Duas Voltas (The World Twice Around), followed his family's sailing voyage around the globe, and won awards in Brazil, Argentina, Italy, and the USA. In 2017, his film Pequeno Segredo (Little Secret), based on a fascinating true story that takes place around the world, was selected to represent Brazil at the Academy Awards.

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