YES Argentina: July 2019

In July this year, eight fortunate New Zealand students went on our LatAm Biz Entrepreneurship programme to Argentina in conjunction with YES, and delivery partner Puentes Abroad. 

On this successful trip, students were able to interact and collaborate with Argentinian students in a business environment. 

The goals of the Argentina trip were to allow students to: 

  • Broaden their understanding of and engagement with Argentina - through the development of a

    relevant business challenge. 

  • Learn about business environments and opportunities in the region and be introduced to social,

    cultural and political dimensions of life in Argentina. 

  • Bring back to New Zealand a fresh perspective about the importance and value of the Argentinian market and the potential for New Zealanders to do business there.

During the program students completed a business challenge. The participants worked in teams made up of two Kiwi students and one Argentine student in order to prepare market entry strategies for selected New Zealand companies to launch in Argentina.  The main business areas were tourism, sustainability, technology, and consulting.  

The teams worked with mentors to prepare their business challenge pitch, and they then presented to a jury panel of three professionals who provided critiques of the pitches. The business challenge was a key, tangible takeaway of the program. 

All of the students talked about this being a life-changing experience for them. 

“This trip changed my life forever. While much of what I learned in Argentina was eye-opening, I also learned the power of being an entrepreneur and creating businesses to tackle these issues. I will take away a global outlook and newfound passion for having my own enterprise and interacting Latin American economies. Alongside my appreciation for the privilege we have, has come a sense of responsibility to improve the lives of those who aren’t as fortunate. But this trip wasn’t all about poverty, Argentina has one of the most beautiful cultures in the world and impressed me beyond words. The kindness of the people paired with the unique bustling city life of Buenos Aires has left a huge impact on me. Argentina, I will be back!” Millie Wilcox (NZ student)

“This trip will have a lasting impact on my life. I have met people who are like minded, motivated and inspiring, this has truly left an impression on me. I have an open mind going into university and the ability to reflect on the amazing opportunity this trip has been. This trip has changed the direction I am taking in life directly and shown me my strengths in the field of business and management. Mucho gracias to the YES team, The Latin America Cape of Asia Pacific Excellence, and Puentes Abroad for this experience” Jordie Campbell (NZ student). 

"The program greatly surpassed my expectations in every way. I think that the main reason behind its success was the quality of its people: the business representatives, guides, teachers, judges and everyone involved were very human, didactic and resourceful. I would definitely recommend this program to a friend, and now I can't wait to visit New Zealand." - Nicolás Hortiguera (Argentinian Student) 

The next LatAm Biz Entrepreneurship trip will be to Chile in October this year, just prior to the ABAC meeting being held in Santiago. 


You can view more photos of the Argentina trip here 

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