Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 (#GEW2019) saw us reaching a wide diversity of people on important topics for entrepreneurs in New Zealand and around the world. We collaborated with the Embassy of Chile, Creative HQ and Founder Spring to feature Camila Postigo, Marketing and Communications Director from Start-Up Chile in New Zealand.  Camila gave a series of engaging presentations about Start-Up Chile programmes which focus on opportunities for tech-based products or services, that are ‘born global’ and where entrepreneurs can spend up to a year in Chile developing their start-up.  Participants in Start-Up Chile Programmes receive a 1 year work visa and “soft landing”, a free co-working space and equity-free funding between $15K to 75K $USD.  Forbes Magazine featured Start-Up Chile in November 2018  ‘Start-Up Chile's Impact 2010-2018: Inside The Revolutionary Startup Accelerator’.

Please download the 'Start-Up Chile Model' slides to find out more. 

  • The Start-Up Chile Model _BRIEF_ (NEW ZEALAND) - BREAKFAST FRIDAY.pdf Last updated: 13 December 2019
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