The Latin American CAPE will add a new dimension to the development of New Zealand’s knowledge of Latin America and the language skills of New Zealanders, so as to enhance our economic, trade, political, and cultural relationships with the region. By putting university experience together with nimble delivery systems and business partnerships, the CAPE will create a step-change in New Zealanders’ knowledge and skills relating to Latin America. It will do this by bringing its collective expertise to bear on collaborations with organisations already active in the field, notably its key delivery partner the Latin American Business Council. Its offerings will be evidence-based and will draw on the experience and insight of its stakeholders and delivery partner. It will ensure that the knowledge and skills it builds will be broadly disseminated to its target clients, namely New Zealand businesses, primary and secondary school students and their parents, tertiary students and the public.


  • To prepare New Zealanders to engage with and do business with the countries of Latin America.
  • To support and develop New Zealanders’ knowledge and understanding of Latin America.
  • To build New Zealanders’ language competence and cultural skills.
  • To excel nationally and internationally in dissemination of knowledge and skills relating to Latin America.

Impact and outcomes

New Zealand is better prepared to do business and engage with Latin America, because:

  • More New Zealanders have appropriate language and cultural skills.
  • They can use their knowledge to enhance their relationships with the countries of Latin America.
  • There is enhanced public awareness of the importance of Latin America to New Zealand and in the world.
  • New Zealanders understand how the study of Latin American languages and culture leads to success in the region.
  • There are more sustainable relationships with the countries of Latin America, which strengthen New Zealand’s profile, partnerships, and presence in the region.
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