Our 2020 Work Programme

We are continuing to run business, education and public engagement programmes in 2020. Some of these projects are cross-CAPE while others are focused on Latin America and targeted at SMEs who export, students, and the New Zealand public. 

Our programmes aim to offer practical assistance to exporters, challenge perceptions about Latin America, develop young peoples’ ability to become global citizens, and support teachers -- all while leveraging the region’s uniqueness through engagement opportunities.

All projects on our 2020 work programme are contingent on COVID-19 alert levels in New Zealand and the impact of the pandemic on relevant project partners in New Zealand and Latin America. 

Please click on the following project themes for specific projects or scroll down the page to see our overall 2020 portfolio:

Business Engagement

New Zealand doing Business with Latin America

A documentary series showcasing New Zealand exporters to Latin America that have successfully adapted to these COVID-19 times

Latin American Market Awareness courses

Virtual or face to face courses on exporting to Latin America that feature business and academic speakers. Region-specific business and cultural competence content is included. 

Market Insights Programme (MIP)*

Adaptation of this programme that offers work experiences for university students and businesses interested in exporting to Latin America (for delivery in 2021).

Te Hōnonga-ā-Kiwa: Strengthening Māori Business Capability*

Further engagement with Latin America by Māori students building on prior visits to Chile. This year the programme is being held in New Zealand and will focus on Brazil.

Latin America NZ Business Council (LANZBC) Young Professionals Network

Launch of this Network, which brings together young professionals with experience in Latin America and provide a return experience for students and interns who have been on tertiary mobility programmes to the region.  

Market Perceptions Research

Resources showing how Colombians and Brazilians perceive themselves and New Zealand, and tips for exporters to frame their approaches to such markets. Will include cross-cultural comparison with last year's resources on Mexico and Chile.

New Zealand, Latin America, and the new Asia-Pacific Trade Environment

A seminar on how New Zealand and Chile can respond to trade disruptions by diversifying their markets and promoting inclusive trade.  

Cultural Acumen Tourism Training*

Resources for SMEs in the tourism sector, including a website and tools to support business capability and cultural competence.

Pacific Business ReConnect: Latin America Programme

A new project to build the awareness and confidence of Pacific communities to do business in Latin America.

Southern Link Research

Contributions to a study commissioned by the New Zealand China Council that explores the opportunities for New Zealand to position itself as a bridge between Asia and South America. 

Gaming Developers Showcase

Presentation of a talent showcase of Latin American game developers aimed at the New Zealand creative industry to promote international collaboration within the sector. 

Innovation Challenge

A programme for the start-up ecosystem in New Zealand, to support increased knowledge about new business opportunities for start-ups and SMEs in Latin America.

TIN Report

Latin American content will appear for the first time in the TIN Report 2020 from the Technology Investment Network.  

Education Engagement

Regional Security Dialogues

A project to position New Zealand as an innovative facilitator for Latin American engagement in Asia-Pacific regional security dialogues, primarily through Track 1.5 and Track 2 Diplomacy. 

Toitoi App

A digital version of the Toitoi: Latin American Special Issue showcasing stories, poems and art by children, with audio available in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. 

Digital Awareness Game* 

A new website-based game will be created to support primary school age children to develop greater awareness about Latin America. 

Winds of Change: Climate Change Partnerships  

A project including knowledge transfer between postgraduate students in New Zealand and Chile interested in climate change and the development of sustainable business strategies. 

Puertas Abiertas: Latin American Immersion Programme 

Students taking at least one 200 level Spanish paper at university from a variety of fields of study will attend an immersion programme to enhance their Spanish language and global competence. 

Musicality Building  

New Zealand School of Music students will create a short piece of music with composers in Argentina and Colombia to be performed publicly.

LatAm Biz Entrepreneurship Programme  

A group of senior high school students will develop their LatAm knowledge and awareness by visiting businesses exporting to Latin America and completing a business challenge. 

LatAm Cultures and Languages in the Classroom 

Development of the 2019 pilot to produce and share resources with teachers and schools and encourage language students to become teachers.

Building Global Community*

University student volunteers will deliver a new set of workshops in schools in the Otago region, to share their culture with intermediate students.  

Virtual Reality Fieldtrip

Continuation of the 2019 VR project that helps students experience the World Heritage Site Machu Picchu in Peru and the access pueblo (town), with a new web-based resource to be made available. 

Public Engagement

Cultural Sector Partnerships 

Promoting collaboration between the cultural and creative sectors of NZ and Mexico through industry workshops, remote international and face to face internships, and an exhibition.

Amazon - Raised Up Sky 

A New Zealand artist and science collaborator is mapping Amazonian trees is Brazil to create an Augmented Reality experience and a supporting documentary that will be featured in a national tour. 

Perceptions Poll   

A poll building on the 2019 results on New Zealanders’ awareness and perceptions of Latin America will be commissioned.

 * Denotes projects that are shared with one or both other CAPEs.


The Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence also wishes to advise that will not be calling for proposals for 2021 activity. Rather, we will focus next year on two broad lines of work:

  • partnering with the North Asia CAPE and Southeast Asia CAPE on common programmes and projects that draw on the unique assets of the CAPES; and
  • developing broad programmes of activity specific to our CAPE that we have identified as having the greatest potential to help New Zealanders engage and do business with Latin America.
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