Along with New Zealand and the rest of the world the Latin America CAPE is adjusting what we normally do in light of the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. For example, we have postponed mobility programmes and are currently digitalising and reviewing our  projects and offerings according to the changing environment. While international trade and travel will be disrupted for some time, the need for exporters to diversity their markets is more acute than ever and increased international collaboration is a priority.

On this page, you will find resources provided by NZ Inc agencies and other stakeholders that can help you find up to date information on Latin America and individual countries’ markets in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope these links are helpful for you as we embrace the new state of our world.


  • LANZBC -- LANZBC has created a comprehensive list of resources where you can find updates on the measures taken in response to the pandemic in Latin America, analyses on the impact of COVID-19, and an overview of the situation across the region.
  • NZTE -- On the NZTE page you can find a general overview of the current situation in Latin America as well as market overviews on select countries on the impacts of COVID-19. 
  • AS/COA (Americas Society/Council of the Americas) -- AS/COA tracks how many confirmed cases of COVID-19 there are in Latin America.
  • SciBiz-Covid-19 -- is a weekly bulletin curated by the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting of the University of São Paulo (FEAUSP), Brazil. It presents research, analyses and developing initiatives related to Covid-19 authored by FEAUSP academics and their international partners. The content is in both English and Portuguese.
  • The Dialogue -- on this page you can find relevant information and analyses (event recordings, articles) regarding the impact of the pandemic on the Americas. 

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