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The “Diversifying into Latin America” (DILA) Business Programme features 8 modules on how to engage successfully with the region and offer tools and strategies for business growth.

Programme information

Opening Session: Friday 18 - Saturday 19 February (in-person) in Auckland (contingent on COVID Protection Framework)

  • Learn about successful NZ companies in Latin America.
  • Apply insights to your business contexts and realities.
  • Market validation and price points.
  • Panel discussion with NZTE Trade Commissioners sharing on-the-ground expertise.

Workshop 1: Thursday 24 February (Virtual)

Business dynamics and environmental conditions of doing business in Latin America

  • Explore diverse country-specific markets.
  • Understand specific country risks and strategies to manage such risks.

Workshop 2: Thursday 3 March (Virtual)

Innovation in the Latin America region

  • Digital & tech transformation in Latin America and the importance of digital commerce.
  • Opportunities and challenges for NZ businesses to innovate for the region.

Workshop 3: Thursday 10 March (Virtual)

Understand what the Latin America consumer wants

  • Consumer trends in the region and specific countries.
  • Changing consumer-behaviour in COVID-times.

Workshop 4: Thursday 17 March (Virtual)

Testing your Business Value Proposition (BVP) & developing an engagement strategy

  • Participants bring their BVP for targeting Latin America and receive feedback with Latin American focus groups.

Workshop 5: Thursday 24 March (Virtual)

Sustaining Business Growth

  • Technical aspects: e.g. logistics, supply chains & distribution, regulatory & tax hurdles.
  • Financing growth (e.g. bootstrapping).

Workshop 6: Thursday 31 March (Virtual)

Business Partnerships

  • Identifying business partners.
  • Build and maintain trust in relationships

Closing Session: Friday 8 - Saturday 9 April (in-person) in Wellington (contingent on COVID Protection Framework)

  • Understand how culture impacts how we do business.
  • Q&A and final remarks with Trade Commissioners in Latin America.
  • Industry leaders presentations.
  • Participants present market entry strategies.

In-person opening and closing sessions start Friday 6pm and Saturday 8am - 3.30pm.

All virtual workshops are on Thursdays at 5.30pm. (1.5-2 hour sessions complemented by 1 hour guest sessions when appropriate).

In order to complete this programme, you will have to attend both in-person sessions and a minimum of 4 virtual workshops.

Our DILA facilitators:

Dr. Antje Fiedler - Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland Business School

Dr. Tanya Jurado - Senior Lecturer, Massey Business School

Dr. Matthew O’Meagher - Director, LatAm CAPE

Craig Nicholson - Deputy Director, LatAm CAPE

Guest presenters will be announced in due course.

To apply, click here.

For more information please contact: Adriana Destenave, Programme Manager LatAm CAPE


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