We are delighted to announce the activities the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence has planned for 2019.

Our business programmes will offer practical assistance to exporters, challenge perceptions about Latin America, explore the potential to broaden New Zealand's trade with the region, and capitalise on the CPTPP and other opportunities that have emerged this year. For the education sector and public, our projects will engage young people, develop their capacity to be global citizens, support teachers, and leverage the region’s cultural opportunities and dynamism. You can also check out our partner organisations' 2019 plans on the North Asia CAPE and Southeast Asia CAPE sites. 

Please click on the following project themes for specific projects or scroll down the page to see our overall portfolio:

Business Engagement

New tools for exporters
















NZ Inc. Competing Abroad Reports *


Case studies outlining New Zealand companies' experience in Latin American markets to share lessons learnt.

New Zealanders in Brazil


A mini-documentary series showcasing successful Kiwis in Brazil and their advice on how to get things done there.

Latin American Market Readiness courses




Digital or face to face courses on exporting to Latin America that feature business and academic speakers from New Zealand and Latin America. Unique and region-specific business and cultural competence related content will be included.

Market Insights Programme *


A guided internship programme that matches tertiary students with businesses interested in Latin America and builds on a successful 2018 pilot.

Young Leaders Network



Creation of a network that unites young professionals and provides a return experience for students and interns who have been on tertiary mobility programmes.

New opportunities in 2019













Harnessing Latin American Trade Opportunities 

Infographics and reports that show how New Zealand goods and services are perceived by CPTPP consumers.

New Zealand, Latin America, and the new Asia-Pacific Trade Environment

Seminars on Mexico as a new trade partner and on New Zealand, Chilean, and Canadian views on Asia-Pacific and inclusive trade.

ABAC Internship



An internship in Chile’s APEC Business Advisory Council Secretariat while that country hosts APEC 2019, with lessons to inform APEC 2021 in New Zealand.

Māori-Maya Cultural Economy Exchange





Mayan leaders will visit New Zealand to identify opportunities for cultural and economic exchanges with Māori in the creative, arts, and community sector. Timed to coincide with the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook's arrival in Aotearoa and the 500th anniversary of Hernán Cortés' entry into the Mayan world.

Sector development













Cultural Acumen Tourism Training *


Resources for SMEs in the tourism sector, including tools to support business capability and cultural competence.

Latin American Launchpad


A programme to connect the start-up ecosystems of New Zealand and Chile, including workshops in New Zealand and a field trip to Chile for SMEs.

Creative Industries Market Insights



Research into Latin American opportunities for New Zealand in film, TV, gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, and location-based entertainment.

Latin American Working Holiday Visitors to New Zealand



A report on links that tourism and agricultural operators develop with temporary employees from Latin American nations – identifying strategies to capitalise on the skills and experience of these young people to enhance business between Latin America and New Zealand.


Education Engagement

Tertiary sector









Latin American mobility opportunities for tertiary staff and students


Our programmes will include students travelling to Brazil to focus on entrepreneurship and innovation and staff programmes that broaden institutional research connections.

Te Hōnonga-ā-Kiwa: Strengthening Māori Business Capability *

Programmes and activities to enhance engagement with Latin America for Māori students that build on the LatAm CAPE mobility programme piloted in Chile in 2018.

Indigenous Language Revitalisation


A representative of each New Zealand university will attend a symposium in Brazil timed to coincide with UNESCO’s 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.




























Diversifying NCEA Curriculum Workshop *



Support for teachers and curriculum design specialists to develop subject-specific NCEA assessment materials that enhance authentic learning about Latin America for Year 11-13 students across the curriculum.

Global Competence Teacher Forum *




A workshop on strategies to enhance school student capability and develop global citizens. Part of a wider work programme that maps OECD PISA competencies against New Zealand curriculum capabilities and includes a teacher self-review tool and resource directory.

Indigenous Teacher Exchange


An exchange of Māori and Mapuche (Chile) educators and associated curriculum and pedagogy initiatives.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation initiatives with Young Enterprise*



Groups of senior high school students will travel to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia to experience business in a Latin American context. A two-day workshop and business challenge will also be held for all the "Globalista" YES students we have sent to Latin America.

Virtual Reality Fieldtrip 


A pilot project will use virtual reality to support learning by secondary students about Latin American people, cultures, and places.

Language and Culture Knowledge Sharing *

Development of a project that sees international students share their knowledge with New Zealand primary and intermediate schoolchildren.

Culture and Languages in the Classroom *


A new pilot to support teachers by employing advanced university students as language and cultural assistants in schools.

Toitoi *



A Latin America-themed special issue of this journal for young writers will be produced and sent to schools and libraries throughout New Zealand.


Public Engagement

Public Engagement













Omnibus Poll


New polls on New Zealanders’ awareness of Latin America will be commissioned.

Civic Events


We will identify and leverage events that have the potential to elevate Latin America’s profile among the wider public.

LASFF 2019



Support will be given to the annual Latin America and Spain Film Festival organised by the Latin American and Spanish embassies in New Zealand.

Nicolás Paris exhibition 

Participation in a curation project and speaking tour by a visiting Colombian artist.

Rays of Sound Digital Platform*


This project will record stories, songs, and experiences of a Latin American community and explore how to use them to build multimodal digital resources for language maintenance.

 * Denotes projects that are shared with one or both other CAPEs.

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