In October 2019, LatAm CAPE and Young Enterprise partnered together to give eight YES students a life-changing experience through our LatAm Biz: Enterpreneurship in Chile programme.  

Alongside 4 Chilean students, our students visited local and NZ businesses based in Chile, immersing themselves in Chilean culture and business settings. To conclude the week, the students applied these learnings to a formal business challenge at Start-Up Chile headquarters. 

Some of the businesses that the students visited included TriCiclos, Endeavor, I2BSoprole, Winebox Hotel, ChrysalisYoy SimulatorsIncuba, CMSONICRappiNotCo.

They also visited the NZ Embassy based in Santiago and met up with our intern Laura Somerset who has been working at The Chile-Pacific Foundation this year. Read more here

Here are some reflections directly from our students: 

Alli Kennedy 

Thinking back on my time in Chile the most significant aspects that come to mind are, the friendly people, the personal business relationship and the importance of international networking. Not only did the knowledge and experiences I gained grow me as a person but will also benefit my future in business, as an entrepreneur. 

A highlight of my trip would be going to Valparaiso and visiting The Winebox hotel. It was very interesting to hear from a kiwi’s point of view what it is like starting a business up in Chile. Although he mentioned a lot of challenges, he’s never let them defeat him. He used them as learning experiences for future growth and establishment within the Valparaiso community, and that’s something I will always remember. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I gained from all the company visits and the new experiences I gained from being part of a new cultureI cannot wait to go back to Chile with my own future business ventures”. 

Bryce Monteith 

I could sit in a class for a year straight, and only learn a fraction of what I experienced in Chile. The truth is, there is nothing that compares to the presentations and conversations which I was lucky enough to take part in. I was so excited to go on a trip to learn about international business and new languages and cultures, and needless to say, it did not disappoint.  

Visiting some of the most innovative companies of Chile, sightseeing around Santiago and Valparaíso, and meeting four incredible Chilean students, were just some of the highlights.  

Overall, this trip has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I honestly didn’t even realise just how much I’d learnt until putting it all into action during the business challenge aspect of the trip. I’d like to wholeheartedly thank Young Enterprise and the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence for allowing me this opportunity, and to have these once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

This trip has not only changed my perception of Chilean culture and the Latin American business market, but it has also had a huge impact on where my life will take me, into university and beyond. ¡Gracias y hasta la próxima, Chile!”. 


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