Creative HQ’s Lightning Lab is teaming up with the LatAm CAPE to deliver the LatAm startup programme to introduce you to the new opportunities the Latin American market offers.

  • 1/12 Tuesday 4-7pm: Dunedin, Petridish - Click to RSVP
  • 2/12 Wednesday 4-7pm: Christchurch, Ara Institute of Canterbury - Click to RSVP
  • 7/12 Monday 4-7pm: Wellington, Creative HQ - Click to RSVP
  • 8/12 Tuesday 12-4pm: Hamilton, Soda Inc. Wintec House - Click to RSVP
  • 9/12 Wednesday 12-4pm: Auckland, Grid AKL - Click to RSVP

Latin America boasts young, resilient and highly-educated workforces, centres of scientific excellence, world-renowned incubators and 22 of the world’s unicorns.

The LatAm CAPE, in partnership with CHQ’s Lightning Lab, will help the New Zealand startup community to explore the new opportunities the Latin American market can offer.

Latin America is an exciting region when looking to scale a business. Kiwi founders are often surprised at the resemblance between Latin America and NZ. The opportunities are endless, but knowing what to look for is key. Don’t miss out on this workshop to learn how you could grow your business in one of the coolest parts of the world. María José Alvarez, NZ Growth Capital Partners


What’s in it for you?

  • Identify potential opportunities for you to connect with other startup networks in New Zealand and Latin America, and hear from entrepreneurs in both regions.
  • Learn more about the support available to founders and startups looking to explore the Latin American market.
  • Our experts will share how to effectively build and sustain business relationships and networks in the Latin American ecosystem.
  • Through this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to test ideas and apply the knowledge on how to compete in the Latin American market.

Who are Creative HQ and Lightning Lab?

Lightning Lab is Creative HQ’s startup division. It runs our three-month business accelerators and our startup and scale-up incubation programmes. At Creative HQ, we help you build resilience and solve problems using proven tools and methodologies.

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