The Winds of Change is an education programme of the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence. Led by academics at the University of Otago, the programme brings together New Zealand and Chilean postgraduate students to investigate common climate change issues and how sustainable development strategies can be created for the future.

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Wetland Restoration | Restauración de humedales

Project by Javiera Benavente (PhD in Environmental Sciences, in progress, University of Auckland), Pía Weber (Master of Law, University of Melbourne), and Rachel Keen (BA, Victoria University of Wellington). Get to know the team more here.

Facing the flood: Learning to live with water | Enfrentando la inundación: Aprendiendo a vivir con agua

Project by by Jenny Stein (PGDip SciComm, University of Otago), Valeria González (Master of Territorial Management, in progress, University of Chile), and William Henriquez (PhD Geology, submitted, Victoria University of Wellington).

Wildfire: Risks and causes | Incendios: forestales riesgos y causas

Project by Andrea Villavicencio (Master of Engineering Science, in progress, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez), Fox Meyer (Bsc (Hons) in progress, University of Otago), and Rodrigo Calderon (PhD in Disaster, Risk and Resilience, in progress, University of Canterbury).

Diversity for resilient agriculture: The case of Chile and NZ | Diversidad para una agricultura resiliente: caso de Chile y Nueva Zelanda

Project by Madison Seymour (MA in progress. University of Otago), Paula Ruiz (Master of Marine Ecology, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción), Daniel Zamorano (PhD Zoology, in progress, University of Otago).

Agricultural biogas: Kiwi and Chiwi innovation | Biogás agrícola: Kiwi y Chiwi innovación

Project by Kevin Basoa (Master of Meteorology and Climataology, in progress, University of Chile), Lauren Turner (Master of Sustainable Development Goals, in progress, Massey University), and Mauricio Saravia, Dip Sustainable Practice, Otago Polytechnic).

Click to see the infographics in English and Spanish

Sea level rise: Common issues and challenges for Chile and NZ | Aumento del nivel del mar: problemas y desafíos comunes para Chile y NZ

Project was by Britta Hamill (BSc, BA. University of Otago), Daniel Antilef (Dip Sustainable Practice. Otago Polytechnic), and Richard Navarro (Dip Sustainable Practice, Otago Polytechnic).

  • Sea Level Rise: Common Issues and Challenges for New Zealand and Chile (English) Last updated: 08 March 2021
  • Sea Level Rise: Common Issues and Challenges for New Zealand and Chile (Español) Last updated: 08 March 2021

Forests and Water | Bosques y agua

Project by Adele Lonergan (Master of Tourism Management, Victoria University of Wellington), Daniela Miranda (BA in Sociology, Universidad de Chile), and Paula Yarur (Master of Forestry Science. University of Canterbury).

The Water Hunt! | ¡La cacería del agua!

Project by Daniel Cárcamo (MSc in progress, Victoria University of Wellington), Nathalie Edwards (Master of International Relations, in progress, Victoria University of Wellington), and Pamela Jordan (Dip Sustainable Practice, Otago Polytechnic).

Hydropower, renewable and sustainable? | ¿Energía hidroeléctrica, renovable y sostenible?

Project by Benjamín Inostroza (B Civil Engineering, B Industrial Engineering, in progress, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez), Danilo Perez (PhD in progress, Auckland University of Technology), and Julia Harvey (BSc. University of Otago).

  • Hydropower: A Renewable Energy, but is it Sustainable? Last updated: 08 March 2021
  • Hidroelectricidad: Una energía renovable, pero es ¿sustentable? Last updated: 08 March 2021

Geothermal Energy | Energía geotérmica


Project by Fernanda Navarro (Geological Civil Engineering, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción), Greg Hatley (BSc (Hons), University of Canterbury), and Paula Llanquileo (Chemistry Engineer, PhD in progress, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile).




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